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Confident Guidance in Complex Municipal Law Matters in New Jersey

When it comes to dealing with a city or county regarding a legal matter, it can be difficult to know what steps to take. Having a knowledgeable municipal law attorney on your side can be beneficial to you, as your rights will be protected and your voice will be heard.

At the Law Offices of Beth White in Cumberland County, I pride myself on providing clients with detail-oriented and thorough representation in issues involving all cities and counties in the surrounding areas. I do not back down from a challenge, and I am dedicated to seeking a resolution to your situation that suits your best interests and the needs of your family.

Types of Municipal Law Issues

Many legal issues that involve a municipality involve the city code. Residents are expected to abide by the code and can be subject to a monetary fine if found in violation of the code. It is possible to fight any citations and potentially see that the city code is changed if it is unlawful or infringes on the rights of the residents.

Other issues can involve land use and zoning. Certain areas of the city are designated for certain types of buildings; some residential, some commercial. Residents can object to the types of zoning or seek to have it changed. Also, developers often wish to work with municipalities to develop a real property and may need assistance in that pursuit. Regardless of the type of land-use issue, I can help.

In addition, municipal law can also include how local businesses are expected to operate, how local law enforcement is governed and held responsible, how schools and other educational facilities are run (which also involves the school board) and more. I can step in and handle any of these issues for my individual and business clients

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Other Issues Handled by The Municipal Court

In addition to legal matters that directly involve the city or county, municipal courts often hear cases pertaining to mostly minor criminal infractions. Certain levels of driving while intoxicated (DWI), such as a first-time offender with a misdemeanor are one type of case that is handled in municipal court. Traffic citations, such as speeding tickets and reckless driving violations, as well as parking tickets are also handled in municipal court.

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